Release your anger!

To draw attention to the precarious situation of students and the inadequate response of the federal and state governments: Spread our demands and website on social media!

Even though it's not funny at all... Memes can help

Write an email!

Apparently, the federal and state governments are turning a blind eye to our precarious situations. So feel free to write an email to the BMBF or the responsible ministry in your federal state in which you describe your situation and send our demands to the responsible ministers.

If you want, you can also sent us your statement and demands to and we will send collected statements to the respective governments.

How to apply for your 200€ in a (relatively) data-saving way*

We consider the application for the (K)Einmalzahlung (one-time) payment to be too demanding, and the process also requires a lot of data from students. Our friends from even consider, that the process is violating the GDPR.Therefore, we would like to recommend a variant that collects the least amount of data.

First of all, it won't work completely without a BundID account. This is the account you need to apply for on the platform. The platform is to be activated on March 15 at To make sure that the BundID account can be clearly assigned to you, it requires further verification - but: this is also possible without an Elster certificate or online ID card!* You can get a personal PIN from your educational institution. Then you only have to create a BundID account with your email and password and avoid the use of your online-ID card or Elster certificate. This way, all students can get their money regardless of their passport or technical requirements.

* Update: The BMBF and various state ministries apparently make contradictory statements on this.
Yes, they aren't even able to do that. In the end we can't promise that this way will be possible.

Where else can you get some help?

The single payment is a drop in the bucket. We are continuously collecting contact points here for you and further ideas on how you can get urgently needed money.
Check your student services office for more information!
Often there are (although chronically underfunded) hardship funds as well as individual financial or also psychosocial counseling services. These are often provided by the student offices. We know that it can feel embarrassing to ask for help.But: If you are in a bad financial and/or psychological situation, then accept this help! You deserve it, simply because you are a human being!
Check your student union for more information!
Many student bodies, student parliaments or student councils offer student-organized assistance. These range from concrete financial support such as hardship or emergency funds to student consultations on student financing. In addition, some offer support in covering the costs of your semester ticket, which can be financed in solidarity from the student budget. It is essential that you inform yourself about this at your student organizations: They can also support you in your search for suitable contact persons.
Check out alternative financing!
Here you can find general financing options for students and for technical students. If you don't get BaföG (anymore), you might still be entitled to housing subsidies! Here are also exceptional cases in which students are entitled to citizen's allowance in Germany. Here you can find out how to combine a scholarship with BAföG.
Last but not least: Information Freedom Act
As you have noticed, a lot of things are going wrong here. In order to shed light on all the uncertainty and to find out what the BMBF has actually been doing for the last six months, committed students have made requests under the Freedom of Information Act (IFG). An overview of what was asked and the current status can be found on our friends' website and